The following should be avoided post waxing.

1. Exercise/Sweat: No running, jogging, hiking, biking, yoga, spin class, Zumba, pole fitness, boxing; you get the picture. Your sweat contains bacteria and is also acidic making your skin irritated if you sweat right after a wax.

2. Sun/Heat: No tanning, tanning beds, hot showers, hot tubs, hot saunas, hot yoga, hot anything! You get the point… A warm shower after waxing is fine and encouraged. Use a gentle, mild soap to cleanse any remaining residue left behind from waxing.

SUN WARNING!!! If you plan on going to the beach and/or laying out ANYWHERE, I strongly advise you plan your waxing at least 48 hours in advance. SAFETY FIRST! Always wear sunscreen! Look for a sunscreen containing the ingredient(s) ZINC OXIDE & TITANIUM DIOXIDE. Reapply as directed.

3. Friction: No running, jogging, cycling, hiking, sex (for at least 6 hours. Use your best judgement), tight jeans/clothing, etc. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing; especially on a hot day. Living in LA, that’s pretty often. I would even recommend bringing a clean pair of panties. I mean, why not? Cleanliness and comfort-ability is key for quick healing.

4. Products: No oils, creams, lotions, or perfumes. That includes any oils, or products that I might apply during your wax. In any case, a quick cleanse to remove any residue of any kind is best.

THE GOOD NEWS: Your wax should last at least 4 weeks. Smooth sailing from there. Regular waxers are less likely to get irritation or need to follow such rules!